Meet Jack, an ordinary student. Jack has no idea why everyone is trying to kill him. Then he realizes he is a pawn in a powerful game.

Opening the door one morning to a killer who shoots without warning Jack manages to survive, killing his would-be assassin. Jack is shocked to discover the dead guy is a cop. Surely a case of mistaken identity? Why would anyone want Jack dead?

As Jack tries to recover he barely escapes another assassination. This time his life is saved by a beautiful mystery woman: Evelyn. He instantly falls head over heels in love with her.

But his troubles are not over yet. The dead body has disappeared, the bullet holes are gone and his apartment has been cleaned up. Had he not taken the gun from the killer, he might doubt his sanity. Now all he has is the fear of facing his unknown opponent.

Jack gropes in the dark for answers. He stumbles into a swamp of machina-tions and intrigues until finally discovering the secret: He is a pawn in a twisted game of chess played out on the board of real life. Jack finds out that unsuspecting people are chosen by illegal software to be participants in this game. Realizing Evelyn is a Queen in the game, his next concern is which side she is playing for.

The stakes get higher when Jack's best friend is killed. Jack then shoots a stranger in self-defence and has no choice but to throw a spanner in the works of this cynical game. But the more Jack fights against this cruel game and its rules, the more is he fascinated by the struggle for survival, for power and money. He must become a master strategist in order to save himself, but time is running out...

KILLER QUEEN is the brilliant narrated story of a journey through the human soul's moral limits and power. Coolly constructed, yet passion-ately and thrilling written, it plays with genre elements and the audience. Christian Alvart delivers both thought and action with black and drastic humor before the unavoidable end.